Indica vs Sativa: Whats the Difference?

If you’re new to the world of cannabis these strains may sound familiar, but whats the difference? In this blog we’ll discuss each strain and their effects.

Relax with an Indica

Looking to decompress after a long day of work? An indica strain may be just what you need! Indicas are commonly known as nighttime strains because of their relaxing, euphoric and sleep inducing effects. Many consumers report body effects such as heavy limbs or a tingly face. Popular indica strains include Zkittles, Northern Lights and Grape Ape. If you’re looking to try out an indica strain be sure to check out the best recreational dispensary in New Baltimore Mind Right.

Pick yourself up with a Sativa

Looking to still enjoy the euphoric effects of marijuana but don't want to be glued to the couch? Then a Sativa strain is what you're looking for! Sativas are known to provide happy, uplifting and even energetic feelings! Consumers typically report sativas providing a “head-high” effect that stimulates uplifting effects. Some cases even report sativas as being effective in mitigating anxiety or stress and boosting creativity! Popular sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Green Crack and Super Lemon Haze. Come visit Mind Right dispensary in New Baltimore and browse our wide selection of Sativa strains today!

Summary of Indica and Sativa strains

Indica strains influence “couch potato” effects that will promote feelings of relaxation, euphoria and even make a good bedtime remedy. Sativa strains are reported to boost creativity, happiness and make a great source of energy! Be sure to keep these effects in mind when you are shopping for the best marijuana in New Baltimore and always monitor the dosage so you can fully experience what indicas and sativas have to offer!

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