Tips for Finding the Best Edibles in New Baltimore, MI

If you live in New Baltimore, Michigan you know this suburb has plenty to offer, edibles are no exception. In this blog we’ll discuss some tips for finding the best edibles in the New Baltimore area!

Finding Edibles that Best Fit your Needs

Mind Right offers some of the widest selection of edibles. If you find yourself always on the go and need something more discreet, we suggest gummies or even our Kiva Blackberry CBN Mints! Mind Right even has an array of THC Infused drinks if you're looking for something to kick back and sip on.

Some Edibles are Great for Bedtime

Trouble sleeping? Most Indica edibles are the perfect solution for people looking to unwind and get some rest after a long day. Camino Wild Berry Chill Gummies are ideal for people looking to release some tension and prepare for a comfortable and deeper sleep! Be sure to check out our online menu for all of our Indica infused edibles to help you enjoy a full night’s sleep!

Ask for assistance

Take your time when browsing our vast selection of edibles when you visit Mind Right in New Baltimore. We have some of the best budtenders in town, so if you have any questions or require any assistance in choosing the perfect edible, be sure to ask for help from one of our budtenders! Mind Right aims to provide you with the absolute best dispensary experience in Michigan whether its your first visit or your back again. Visit our recreational dispensary in New Baltimore today!

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